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Wow, it has become big and beautiful!>entertainment>

August 18, 2021 – 1:43 pm clock

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava now shines so beautifully

Ava Phillippe (21) has been of legal age in the USA since September 2020. And at the age of 21, the daughter of actress Reese Witherspoon (45) also seems to have blossomed completely. We can convince ourselves of that in your new snapshot.

“Quality lighting” puts Ava in the right light

For almost a year now, Ava has been legally allowed to buy alcohol in the United States. With her coming of age, she is apparently also full of radiance. The beautiful blonde looks into the camera in her new photo with a cool model look. Next to her, even the bright white kitchen, in front of which she poses coolly, pales. And Ava casually explains an important thing when it comes to social media snapshots.

“Quality lighting> quality background,” she writes about the picture. So a good incidence of light is more important to her than an appealing environment for a photo. It seems that there is simply the mega-light in Ava’s kitchen, even if the kitchen unit is not doing so much. And fans not only praise the photo, but also address a striking resemblance: “Omg, you’re really half your father and half your mother. Beautiful.”

With this family resemblance we can hardly keep up!

Right: Ava now looks a lot like her mom. The case is very similar with Reese’s son Deacon (17). That seems to the dad, Ryan Phillippe (46), namely like cut out of the face. And it goes further. Because Ava’s boyfriend also looks like her father!

In the video: This guy has Ava’s heart

Looks like we already have a title, if they ever do a sitcom about their life: “An Horribly Similar Family” … (nos)



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