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Why Robert Downey Jr. and Bill Gates are investing in this electric motor now

In large office buildings, air conditioning and heating systems often run at full speed all year round. Environmental friendliness looks different. Turntide wants to change that – with prominent support.

Air conditioning, refrigerators, heaters – with many objects that we use every day, we no longer question where the energy that drives all these devices comes from and whether the whole thing is sustainable in any way. We use them as a matter of course because we have always done so.

But especially with a view to climate change, it is important to question these self-evident facts and, above all, to look at their efficiency from new perspectives. That is exactly what Turntide Technologies did. The company from Silicon Valley has specialized in the development of environmentally friendly electric motors.

Turntide has developed a patented smart motor system based on a type of electric motor known as a switched reluctance motor. These motors are normally used in areas where there must be no interruption in the flow of energy under any circumstances – such as in nuclear power plants or in mining. They are usually difficult to control, which makes them less suitable for commercial use. Turntide has managed to make such motors controllable with a cloud-based software platform and thus enable a much more efficient operation than would be the case with conventional motors.

The first companies are already benefiting

According to the company, a financing round of 80 million US dollars was recently completed. The group was led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the clean tech fund of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. One of the other investors is also the Footprint Coalition Ventures of actor Robert Downey Jr. With the new funds, Turntide’s total funding is now $ 180 million.

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“Our investors recognize the crucial role that technology will play in the fight against climate change,” said Turntide CEO Ryan Morris in a press release in the course of the financing round. “To curb the carbon emissions that are causing this crisis, we all need to change the way we use energy. It starts with modernizing the technology that is currently driving our world. “

Companies such as Amazon, BMW and Five Guys have already retrofitted their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with the smart motor system. This enabled them to reduce energy consumption by an average of 64 percent.

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