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Why did this Will Smith glamorous hour never continue?

In 2004, Will Smith was still an indomitable king at the box office. The science fiction film I, Robot was one of his regular successes at the time. In the story of the film, its main character investigates the murder of the chief developer of artificial intelligence in a futuristic world full of humanoid robots.

Financially, I, Robot, which you can watch again this evening at 10:20 pm on Sat. 1, played with a budget of 120 million dollars a proud $ 347.2 million worldwide a. Despite the potential and financial success, Alex Proyas’ film was never continued. There is no official reason for this, but behind the scenes it was probably seething during production.

I, Robot 2 reports were a long time ago – and the director was talking about the studio

2007 reported sites like Slash movie first time about the fact that Battlestar Galactica writer Ronald D. Moore one Screenplay for I, Robot 2 would write. After that there was hardly any information about the status of the planned sequel and the project slowly came to nothing.

Check out the German trailer for I, Robot:

I Robot – Trailer (German)


This could also be related to the fact that the responsible studio 20th Century Fox and Alex Proyas apparently had a problematic relationship. Business Insider 2009 collected statements from the I, Robot director, the public pretty negative about his work experience with the studio spoke.

For example, Proyas should incorporate more gags into the otherwise rather dark sci-fi film in order to make the blockbuster more suitable for the masses. In general, the studio would have interfered very heavily in his shooting. The director clearly stated that he after I, Robot never work with the studio again would.

Even if the film became a hit, the studio may have stayed away from a possible franchise afterwards because of the bumpy collaboration with Alex Proyas. Because I, Robot is almost 20 years old and it is already a sequel no news for over 10 years there, I, Robot 2 will probably never come.

Would you have liked to see more of I, Robot?

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