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Which celebrities are on OnlyFans? (List)

Who is already using the platform? Photo: Konstantin Savusia /

These celebrities, influencers and YouTubers are already on the controversial social media platform.

OnlyFans polarizes, and the service is not that different from Facebook or Instagram. The main difference is just that influencers Monetize their channels through subscription fees. What was initially intended as an additional source of income for artists and media professionals of all kinds has now become a reality to some kind of porn site for amateurs developed. Influencers use their reach to sell explicit content to fans and can thus generate incredible sums of money. In this article we give an overview of celebrities who have already signed up on the platform. If you would like to find out more about the background and functionality of OnlyFans, read our guide first.

Celebrities on OnlyFans

Cardi B

The rapper is known for controversy. A few months ago, her new song “WAP” caused great excitement on the internet. For $ 4.99 a month, fans can now watch exclusive content from the former stripper on her OnlyFans account.

Chris Brown

The rowdy rapper Chris Brown has also got an account on OnlyFans. However, he doesn’t seem to have jumped on the hype about freedom of movement there so far. He currently charges an impressive $ 20 per month for a subscription.


Tyga is a world famous rapper, but he decided to start an OnlyFans account this year. There he now shows very explicit content that has already caused a sensation on Twitter.

Bella Thorne

The actress received a huge shit storm when her OnlyFans account went online. It is estimated that she has already raised $ 1 million through subscriptions on the first day. But she did not meet the expectations of her fans and so some asked for their money back. This temporarily brought the operating company into repayment difficulties, which is why the payment terms supposedly had to be changed. The anger among other creators on the platform was great.


The rapper from the States has so far used his reach on OnlyFans in a different way than many of his colleagues. Probably the first reality show on OnlyFans started with the “BlueGC 2020” format.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is best known for having affairs with celebs like Tyga and Rob Kardashian. She is now using this reach to advertise her OnlyFans account. At the time of writing, it has more than 11,000 subscribers, all of whom are paying $ 19.99 per month.

Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone is another celebrity who is using his popularity to build a lucrative presence on OnlyFans. After all, the pop singer already has more than 10,000 subscribers there.


It is not yet clear why the rapper has bought an OnlyFans account. Until now there was only one picture for album promotion. Maybe the move was just a marketing gag.

Georgina Fleur

The It-Girl advertises her account with the possibility of having private chats with her. However, these are usually chargeable. There should also be exclusive photos and videos from her life.

Bastian Yotta

It almost seems like B and C celebs are maximizing their reach through OnlyFans. According to his own statements, the self-proclaimed entrepreneur and reality show star shows “everything” on his account.

More celebrities on OnlyFans:

  • Swae Lee
  • Jordyn Woods
  • Casanova
  • The-Dream
  • Tyler Posey
  • Sonja Morgan
  • Dorinda Medley
  • Amber Rose

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Influencer at OnlyFans

Tana Mongeau

Another it girl who used her reach to build a lucrative OnlyFans channel. Unlike many influencers on the platform, membership is free, but private messages and tips still generate revenue.

Jodie Calussi

As an influencer, YouTuber and entrepreneur, Jodie Calussi now also has an OnlyFans account. At the moment, more than 13,000 fans pay $ 5 for a subscription.

Suzie Grime

The influencer recently spoke openly on the Puls YouTube channel about her membership in OnlyFans. There she also gave insights into the content she posts. All very explicit. But she herself sees the platform as empowerment for women. You can watch the report here.

Yma Louisa

Influencer Yma Louisa also spoke openly in a report with the Y collective about her reasons for joining OnlyFans. You can watch the video at this link.

More influencers on OnlyFans

  • Kati Karenina
  • Lil Hanne
  • Nylon cat

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OnlyFans: Just quick money?

If you look at some of the names on this list, you can’t help but wonder why such well-known personalities use the platform at all. Or to put it more cynically: Why do you need to pull even more money out of your fans’ pockets? In and of itself, the idea behind OnlyFans is very laudable: to support artists and influencers with a paid subscription. So these could be theirs Art for art’s sake do or would not have to accept any advertising contracts to finance their living.

The development that OnlyFans has gone through to become a quasi-amateur porn site for the B and C celebrities of this world can in many cases be explained only by the greed for quick money. Anyone who has 1000 followers who pay $ 5 a month for a subscription is already doing it $ 5,000 in sales per month (minus 20% for OnlyFans and taxes). If you multiply the subscription fees of some prominent OnlyFans accounts by their followers, you get six- to seven-digit amounts – and that for a few explicit pictures and videos that were taken with the smartphone. Some people don’t seem to care that they have to give up the last bit of privacy.

You can think what you want about it. But the image that is being conveyed here to younger generations is questionable. Sexuality is no longer intimate, it is alienable, becomes a means to an end with which one can afford the same luxury that we influencers on social media constantly hold in front of our noses. If you put nude pictures on the net, you also run the risk, that these are leaked somewhere and thus potentially destroy your own career. For B and C celebrities as well as medium-sized influencers, however, the calculation is simple: return over risk.

Of course, not all creators can be lumped together. There are definitely those who use OnlyFans in the way it was originally intended. But the dodgy reputation can no longer be separated from the platform. And so everyone who creates an account there has to deal not only with the moral conflict, but also with the real consequences that can result from it. It therefore remains to be seen whether more YouTubers, influencers and celebrities will use OnlyFans as a further source of income.

On the other hand, OnlyFans enables sex workers to take their business into their own hands, far from the classic erotic and porn industry. This eliminates middlemen and contracts. At the same time, however, the threshold for newcomers is also falling. If you want to dig deeper into the effects of OnlyFans on the sex industry, you can read this post on

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