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Vin Diesel is renamed to Vin Denergie

Los Angeles (dpo) – Concern for our planet does not stop at Hollywood either. Surprisingly, action star Vin Diesel now shows solidarity. According to his own information, he plans to drop his surname Diesel. Instead he would like to be called Vin Denergie from now on.

“A hip, modern action star with an old-fashioned, outdated name like Diesel – that doesn’t fit together in times of climate change,” the actor said in an interview this week. “Fossil fuels, including diesel, are destroying the planet. I only destroy my enemies with my incredible power, while I am simply beyond their grasp. Just like the wind.”

Vin Denergie’s fight against global warming will also have a concrete impact on his films. Fast & Furious 10 is supposed to be the first flick in the action series, in which electric vehicles and public transport are used almost exclusively. “But there will also be a couple of hot bike chases,” promises the action star.

Vin Denergie is not the first known action star to commit to the environmental movement. In recent years, Jean-Claude van Dämmung, Jason Stattofu, Dolph Lundgreen, Harrison Tesla and Tom Bike-Tour have impressed with such a step.

dgh, dan, ssi; Photo: Joseph Martinez / PictureLux

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