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Tom Cruise once saved co-star Elisabeth Shue’s life

When Tom Cruise (58) is in front of the camera, it can be dangerous! Because the Hollywood star insists on doing his own stunts. For Mission: Impossible 7, he last climbed the roof of a moving train, while filming the predecessor he broke his ankle jumping from one roof to the next. But he always keeps a watchful eye on others: His colleague Elisabeth Shue (57) he even saved his life on the set of “Cocktail”.

The British Sun According to one of the cameramen at the time, Bill Bennett, told the story on a Facebook group called Crew Stories. “We recorded a scene from a helicopter in which Tom and Elisabeth riding horses along a beach, “he writes there. After a few takes, the pilot landed the helicopter so that the actors could watch the footage and receive new instructions from the director. Because the helicopter was only on the ground for a few minutes, the rotors had not been switched off, and the tail rotor turned so fast that it was practically invisible – a death trap. The excited Elisabeth then ran without noticing it in the direction of the stern – and from Tom stopped just in time.

“As a trained pilot, he immediately recognized the danger. He jumped, but could only catch her legs and she fell to the ground.”Bill continued. as Tom yelled at her that she nearly died Elisabeth turned white as chalk. Tom, who is said to have read the story by chance, confirmed what had happened.

Tom Cruise in April 2018
Elisabeth Shue in October 2017
Tom Cruise, actor

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