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This is what Julia Roberts’ film friend looks like today

“Pretty Woman” was shown in cinemas for the first time more than 30 years ago. At the side of Julia Roberts, Laura San Giacomo plays the role of Kit De Luca. So the actress has changed since then.

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Julia Roberts captured the heart of the richly wealthy businessman Edward Lewis, played by Richard Gere, as the easy girl Vivian Ward in “Pretty Woman” from 1990. Most fans probably know what Julia Roberts looks like today. Because even 31 years after the box office success, the 53-year-old is still doing well in business.

But what became of your colleague? Laura San Giacomo played the prostitute in “Pretty Woman” who introduced Vivian to the trade and gave her tips on how to deal with suitors.

"Pretty woman": Kit De Luca defends her friend Vivian Ward.  (Source: imago images / Entertainment Pictures)“Pretty Woman”: Kit De Luca defends her friend Vivian Ward. (Source: Entertainment Pictures / imago images)

When Laura San Giacomo took on the supporting role of Quick-witted Kit, she was 27 years old. The actress is now 58 and can still be seen in TV productions and films. After her “Pretty Woman” success, she starred in the adventure film “Quigley the Australian” alongside Tom Selleck and Alan Rickman in the same year, and a year later she starred in the thriller “Unter Verdacht” with Liam Neeson.

Laura San Giacomo: Today the actress is 57 years old.  (Source: imago images)Laura San Giacomo: Today the actress is 57 years old. (Source: imago images)

From 1997 to 2003 she took on the role of Maya Gallo in the television series “Just Shoot Me – Redaktion durchgeknipst” and was nominated for the Golden Globe for her performance, but she did not win the award at the time. After that she had several small guest appearances in “Veronica Mars”, “The Mentalist” or “Grey’s Anatomy”. Most recently she was in front of the camera for “Navy CIS”.

In her private life, she celebrated an anniversary last year. Laura San Giacomo has been married to actor and producer Matt Adler since 2000. She has a son from a previous marriage to actor David Cameron Dye.

If you want to reminisce again, you should switch to RTL tonight. There will be “Pretty Woman” at 8:15 pm.

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