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This is the new Netflix film by Adam Sandler ·

After the success of “The Black Diamond”, actor Adam Sandler is already planning his next drama.

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  • Born: 09.09.1966 in Brooklyn, New York USA
  • Jobs: Actor, producer, speaker, screenwriter

Actor Adam Sandler is best known for his comedies. In recent years, however, these have been rated rather negatively. Comedies like “Jack and Jill” and “The Ridiculous Six” could not convince many fans or critics. Nonetheless, the “Sandman” proves again and again that there is a terrific actor behind all the fuss. Thanks to more demanding Netflix projects like “The Meyerowitz Stories” and “The Black Diamond”, you get to see them more often.

The next Netflix drama is already coming up. In the basketball drama “Hustle”, Adam Sandler plays a talent scout who was unfairly fired. When he meets a talented player while on a trip, he flies with him to the USA. With his new talent, he wants to prove that both his client and he are suitable for the NBA (via Cinemablend). In addition to Netflix and Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison, the film is also produced by SpringHill Entertainment. SpringHill was founded by Maverick Carter and professional basketball player LeBron James. It is not yet known whether James will appear in the film and when it will appear on Netflix.

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Adam Sandler remains loyal to comedies

Despite the success that Adam Sandler was able to achieve with his dramas, he will not lose his comedic side. The comedy “Hubie Halloween” has already been shot. In this one plays Sandler Hubie Dubois, a big Halloween fan who is not taken seriously by the other citizens of Salem. However, when the scary night seems to have burst, Hubie is the only one who can save Halloween (via IMDb). The usual suspects Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider and Kevin James play alongside Sandler. They are supported by “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen and “Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp.

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It is not known whether the comedy is part of Sandler’s extended Netflix contract. The actor is also planning an animated film for the streaming giant. In this he not only speaks the main role, but also writes and produces it. Adam Sandler has already gained enough experience with animation work. The fourth part of “Hotel Transylvania” is due to appear in 2021. The actor remains true to his witty origins.

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