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These are the home theater highlights of the week

“The Investigation – The Murder of Kim Wall”, “Luca” and “The Secrets We Keep – Shadows of the Past”: These are the DVDs and Blu-rays of the week.

The death of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who disappeared from a self-built submarine by the Danish inventor Peter Madsen, turned into a criminal case in the summer of 2017 that moved the world. The young woman’s body disappeared for an agonizing long time. Relatives wondered if Kim Wall might still be alive. At the same time, there were always new versions of the main suspect of what had happened. And then this setting: A woman gets into a self-made underwater vehicle to a stranger – and surrenders herself to him: a material that inspires fantasies. The miniseries “The Investigation – The Murder of Kim Wall” is now available as well as the Pixar animated film “Luca” and the thriller drama “The Secrets We Keep – Shadows of the Past” on DVD and Blu-ray.

“The Investigation – The Murder of Kim Wall” (release: September 3rd)

In “The Investigation – The Murder of Kim Wall” the Oscar-nominated series maker Tobias Lindholm tells the excitement story about Kim Wall precisely and in calm images as a police and family drama: In six episodes of about 45 minutes each one sees the director the Copenhagen homicide squad Jens Møller (Søren Malling, “Borgen”) as he stoically works on the solution of the actually rather tough case. But it does not stop at the quasi-documentary investigative film. Lindholm uses his four hours to fathom the speechlessness and sadness of those who have lost someone or who sometimes cannot find themselves again due to the constant preoccupation with human abysses, in addition to the case, in wonderfully staged scenes.

Price DVD: around 18 euros

DK, 2020, director: Tobias Lindholm, running time: 270 minutes

“Luca” (release: September 9th)

“Luca” is a new animation adventure from Pixar, which takes place in a coastal town on the Italian Riviera. The eponymous title hero is a young sea monster from the sea who appears as a boy on land. Together with his friend Alberto, the friendly monster Luca in human form enjoys the summer – until his true identity threatens to be exposed. With “Luca”, Pixar is backing a good portion of Dolce Vita and despite the pandemic, makes you want to go on vacation. As usual, the coming-of-age comedy captivates with golden characters, impressive animations and – how could it be otherwise – pure emotion.

Price DVD: around 14 euros

USA, 2021, directed by Enrico Casarosa, running time: 92 minutes

“The Secrets We Keep – Shadows of the Past” (release: September 10th)

After the Second World War, the Romanian Maja (Noomi Rapace, “Millennium” trilogy) built a new life in a tranquil US suburb with her American husband Lewis (Chris Messina). She believes she has left the horrors of the past behind. Until the repressed returns with all her might: Maja thinks she recognizes a stranger (Joel Kinnaman) as one of those SS soldiers who raped her while trying to escape during the war. Overtaken by the terrible memories, Maja soon nailed her head and kidnapped the alleged tormentor. Since she is unable to shoot him, she unceremoniously locks him in the basement of her house – which is not hidden from husband Lewis. “The Secrets We Keep” is strongly reminiscent of Roman Polanski’s chamber play “Death and the Maiden”. Yuval Adler’s story of revenge is a long way from its ambivalence.

Price DVD: around twelve euros

USA, 2020, director: Yuval Adler, running time: 95 minutes

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