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The Little Things – thriller cinema like seven now in the stream: Watch the first 8 minutes

Real nail-biting thrillers have become quite rare recently. But now Warner Bros. is on hand with a promising crime candidate who could pose a threat to the great and often cited classics of the genre – and who will come to you digitally in your home theater!

The Little Things by John Lee Hancock (The Highwayman, Blind side) shows up in the best sense of the nineties and cult films like seven inspired – and even more unintentionally. When Hancock put the story on paper in 1993, long before David Fincher’s film, many of the criminological ways were about to get them out CSI knows, still a dream of the future.

The film then disappeared in the drawer for almost thirty years, until Warner Bos. became aware of the idea and asked Hancock to choose: rewrite it or leave it untouched?

Everyone is suspicious here. © Warner Bros.

On the hunt for a killer

He opted for the latter and converted his contemporary thriller from then into the so-called Period Piece, which is set in Los Angeles in the nineties.

And this is exactly where we now meet the three-time Oscar-winning trio around Denzel Washington, Rami Malek (both as die-hard cops) and Jared Leto (as a suspected serial killer) who are in The Little Things and Warner’s almost nine-minute preview of the German VOD premiere deliver a tense, often disturbing (not without reason there was an R-Rating) cat and mouse game.

The Little Things begins a routine mission during which Joe “Deke” Deacon (Washington) becomes embroiled in a search for a serial killer who is terrorizing the city.

LA Sheriff’s Department investigator Sergeant Jim Baxter (Malek) is impressed by Dke’s police instincts and – unofficially – uses his help. But while the cops track down the killer, more and more secrets of Dee’s past emerge – secrets so disturbing that they could threaten more than just Baxter’s case.

Who is behind the murders? © Warner Bros.

Sky or traditional VOD? The choice is yours

And in this case too, Warner does not hesitate. Just five weeks after it opened in the cinema on July 1, 2021, you can watch yourself The Little Things Bring it home digitally now.

How can you be there? For Sky users either via Sky Cinema or the Sky Ticket app. The trial month for the digital Sky streaming service costs 9.99 euros.

Those who place great value on 4K and Dolby 5.1, on the other hand, have to switch to the slightly more expensive Sky service Sky Q. And also with popular VOD services like Amazon The Little Things already available, whereby you have to put 15.99 or 19.99 on the digital counter for the loan and purchase version. So it’s up to you!

At the same time, the film will of course continue to run in the cinema, so that you can decide freely whether you prefer to keep your fingers crossed for the aged cop (Washington) in your living room or in the cinema.

Joe “Deke” Deacon wants to arrest the killer. © Warner Bros.

Written on 08/09/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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