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“Sherlock Holmes 3” with Robert Downey Jr .: When is he finally coming? – Hamburg

Already announced in 2018, but still not out, the third part is a long time coming. However, we now know when this will finally be released in theaters!

Sherlock Holmes, a fictional character that everyone should know to this day. He has already been heard from in several films, series and books. Guy Ritchie achieved a very special success with his two-part film adaptation with Sherlock Holmes, in which Robert Downey Jr., also known as Ironman in the MCU, was able to get the lead role. The first part, together with the sequel, took around 1 billion dollars and that with rather low production costs, considering how much effort has gone into the latest films. The main reason for the long wait is that no suitable director has been found a little longer to take over the filming of the third part. However, this is now done by Nacros author Chris Branchato. In addition to the problems with the scriptwriter, there was also the fact that, out of nowhere, the coronavirus has thwarted all authors and directors, almost everything that was planned for 2020 will now appear either in 2021 or even 2022. Now it is clear that as long as everything works out and Corona measures do not have to be considered again, Sherlock Holmes 3 will appear in cinemas in the USA on December 22, 2022. Until then, you will have to wait, for those who are impatient, there is of course the series “Sherlock Holmes” in which Benedict Cumberbatch plays our sophisticated favorite detectives, so a good alternative for all passionate fans.

“Sherlock Holmes 3”: cast alongside Robert Downey Jr. and plot

At the end of the second “Sherlock Holmes” part you could see, according to kino.de, how Sherlock and his archenemy Moritary fall down a waterfall. It’s believed that Moritary didn’t survive the fall, but of course it’s possible he survived and we’ll see him again in Part 3. Holmes was able to save himself with a breathing apparatus and so survived the dangerous fall, but the question is how he and Watson will find each other again. There is also speculation that Rachel McAdams will be seen again as Irene Adler in the third part, but that is pure speculation. At least we can be sure of the leading actor, “Iron Man” actor Robert Downey Jr. We also need patience with the question of what part 3 will be about, but there is no final answer to that yet. If the film won’t be released until the end of 2022 anyway, it will take a while before the first content is announced.

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