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OnlyFans deletes Trump Account | BRAVO

Social media platforms block Donald Trump

In the first place: Sorry for this mental cinema. Really the last person we look at OnlyFans want to see is Donald Trump. Small spoiler: A little bit of humor is required for this article. For days, the internet has been making fun of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter blocking Donald Trump. Even TikTok stepped up, deleted videos and blocked hashtags related to the president and the riots in America. And it goes further, Google, Spotify, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, Pinterest and Shopify have also imposed restrictions on him. Where is America’s favorite angry citizen supposed to be up to now? Rapper Freddie Gibbs has already asked himself that and made fun of him in several tweets. “I wonder if Donald Trump can still order an Uber at all,” he writes and he also suggests a special idea: Donald Trump on OnlyFans! One of the last apps that seem to be left …

Donald Trump’s OnlyFans account appeared and deleted!

Over the weekend, photos of a Donald Trump profile suddenly spread on the Prono app OnlyFans. It turned out pretty quickly that these were fake accounts that some people created for fun. But OnlyFans is not in the mood for these fakes either. “All accounts that pretended to be him were turned off“, says a spokesman for the company to the American magazine Insider – upsi! This “banning Donald Trump” is slowly taking on the right hype. Not everyone is enthusiastic about this trend and compares it to being censored by the president. But the same rules should apply to him as to all other haters: Anyone who violates community guidelines will be banned. That seems to be the bitter-sweet revenge of the internet. For all of the unfair, racist and sexist posts Trump has ever let out. #sorrynotsorry

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