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Nicolas Cage: The fall of the Oscar winner to a trash performer

See in the video: Nicolas Cage – The Oscar winner’s fall to a B-movie star.

Hardly any other actor embodies the action cinema of the 1990s like Nicolas Cage.

His blockbusters “The Rock”, “Con Air” and “In the Body of the Enemy” have cult status.

But what became of the actor after these successes?

After the great successes in the 90s, Cage initially remains successful.

With films such as “Just 60 Seconds”, “The Legacy of the Knights Templar” and “Ghost Rider”, he brought further commercially successful cinema hits in the 2000s.

For his humanitarian work, his work against the international arms trade and his commitment to former child soldiers, Cage was named “World Citizen of the Year” by the United Nations in 2009.

The business magazine “Forbes” ranked him as one of Hollywood’s top earners in 2009.

But his income does not protect him from bankruptcy: In 2010, the Oscar winner has $ 14 million in tax debt.

The reason for this is said to be a lavish lifestyle and the purchase of numerous properties, including a Bahamas island and Neidstein Castle in the Upper Palatinate.

Nicolas Cage was unable to build on the successes of his career in the years that followed.

In order to settle his debts, the actor started playing more and more in B-movies from 2010 onwards.

Many projects do not make it to the screen and are published directly for home theater.

Since 2010, the Oscar winner has been nominated six times for the negative Golden Raspberry Award. His expressive acting style ensures that he becomes the basis of numerous memes.

Advocates credit Cage for his impressive performances. Director David Lynch calls him the “jazz musician of American drama.”

In 2018, Cage announced plans to end his career in “three or four years”.



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