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Nice surprise in the crisis

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have come up with a great action to put a smile on the faces of children from the hospital!

Camila Cabello and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes thought about something to cheer up the patients of a children’s hospital during the corona pandemic. The couple surprised the children with a video chat in which they answered questions and organized a virtual dance party with the little ones. Completely unexpectedly, the children received a phone call from the two singers on April 8th. Camila and Shawn teamed up with Ryan Seacrest, who founded a charity that links the media and entertainment world with children’s hospitals, to bring joy to those who are sick. Ryan filmed the unforgettable moment and shared it a little later on Instagram. In the video you can see Camila Cabello kneeling on the floor while Shawn Mendes stands behind her and they talk to the children. Shortly afterwards, some patients start dancing. As a result, the couple also joined the kids and the video chat ended in a fun dance party.

Sweet surprise for sick children

In addition to the video that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes talking to several children at a children’s hospital shows, Ryan Seacrest also uploaded several pictures of the unforgettable moment on Instagram. You can see the little patients happily chatting with the two successful singers on iPads. The charity founder also added a video that was recorded at the beginning of the conversation. Just as the children have recovered from the joy of talking to Camila Cabello on the phone, their friend Shawn Mendes also joins the video chat, as “Hollywoodlife” records. Ryan Seacrest also thanked the two stars on Instagram with the following words: “Thank you both for taking part and surprising the children!” Camila and Shawn are quarantined together at their family home in Miami, Florida. Since an order to stay within their own four walls was issued for most of the US states due to the corona virus, the couple have been serving time together. Every now and then they were spotted taking a walk in the fresh air.

See the surprise of Camila & Shawn here

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