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Netflix review “The Wrong Missy”: Adam Sandler sends his regards

In the new Netflix comedy from Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison Productions, a businessman who is unsuccessful in love tries to find a woman for life thanks to blind dates. A catastrophic mix-up of two dates turns the company outing at the holiday resort into a chaos trip par excellence.

Film review by Waldemar Witt

Tim Morris (David Spade) is single and has longed for a new partner since his last broken relationship. To find Mrs. Right, Tim goes on blind dates. After various dates and an encounter with the bizarre Missy (Lauren Lapkus) Tim finally meets a woman – also with the name Missy (Molly Sims) – which seems just right for him.

Without further ado, he invites her on a company outing to a holiday resort. But instead of his dream woman, “the wrong Missy” suddenly appears: the one who once brought him his nightmare date. Now Tim not only has to deal with Missy’s inappropriate humor and unpredictable character, but also has to keep her away from his colleagues and his boss as much as possible. But Missy’s antics are increasingly affecting Tim’s private life – for both good and bad.

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“The Wrong Missy”, the latest work from the production studio Happy Madison Productions by comedy actors Adam Sandler, is a comedy in which the viewer knows from the very first minutes what to expect from a 90-minute film. Most of the film, and especially its comedy, rests on the shoulders of the actress Lauren Lapkus as a strange Missy.

Even with the very to the point intro scene, it should be clear to the viewer what kind of humor is to be expected here. Missy is exaggeratedly unpredictable, intrusive, tactless and loud, which is precisely why she creates one embarrassing scene after another.

“The Wrong Missy” feels like a string of the most obscene sketches possible.– Cineman critic Waldemar Witt

Clever humorous dialogues with realistic characters are in vain in “The Wrong Missy”. Instead, you have to focus more on a film of the making Jim Carrey-Set a comedy from the 90s à la “Ace Ventura”. While Jim Carrey always managed to give his characters a lovable streak in the midst of madness, “The Wrong Missy” unfortunately always has a certain malicious undertone: Missy follows Tim and his colleagues at every turn during the chaotic company outing and seems downright malicious to make any situation an embarrassing fiasco for Tim.

The plot lacks a common thread. Instead, “The Wrong Missy” feels more like a string of as obscene skits as possible. Why Missy is what she is is unfortunately hardly explained or touched upon, which means that Missy never appears sympathetic to the viewer in any way.

Only in the last third of the film does a director appear Tyler spindle suddenly felt the need to turn this comedy into a rom com. Unfortunately, this turnaround comes so suddenly in the film that there is no credible chemistry between Tim and Missy.

Why Tim, after all the trouble Missy brought him, suddenly finds this bizarre person attractive and develops an affection remains a mystery to the viewer. Even a few positive intentions, which Missy tries to pursue with her “weird methods”, contribute little to the intended romantic elements of the film.

“The Wrong Missy” is a typical Happy Madison comedy.– Cineman critic Waldemar Witt

In the end, “The Wrong Missy” can be put aside as a typical Happy Madison comedy. Comedies with unrealistically weird personalities that cause embarrassing situations (such as “Jack and Jill”) are not new territory for the production studio.

Fans of similar comedies in particular could therefore gain something from the Netflix production. But without at least a rudimentary sympathetic main character and a clearly defined plot, it is difficult to make a general recommendation. Especially when compared to other modern comedies in the Netflix range, “The Wrong Missy” feels rather strenuous, desperate and frustrating instead of being entertaining.

1.5 out of 5 ★

“The Wrong Missy” is now available on Netflix.

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