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John David Washington, son of Denzel, plays a leading role

Tenet Robert Pattinson David Washington
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Ten years after “Inception” calls Christopher Nolan us out again in a similar way: with a bombardment of mind games, incisive sounds, philosophical ideas. Also there is John David Washington, the son of Denzel Washington, who takes on a leading role.

A Hollywood hope remains in the corona chaos: “Tenet”. The start date of Christopher Nolan’s eleventh feature film has been postponed over and over again. But now it should actually be so far: In Germany and other countries, the long-awaited film finally starts like hardly any other great work in this extraordinary cinema summer.

At some point in the first half hour it is said that it is all about the “survival of everyone” in this impressive, challenging and exhausting work of art from a film every minute. The survival of mankind is in the hands of the young US actor John David Washington. The son of Denzel Washington plays an unnamed agent (“the protagonist”) in the film.

But it’s also possible in “Tenet”, and that’s what makes it so exciting and challenging to ask questions like these: What if the headwind suddenly comes from behind while running? How can it be that someone suffers from hypothermia instead of being burned in a gasoline explosion? It is paradoxes like this that make up “Tenet”, the foundation of the film.

At a shooting range, for example, the protagonist, who was initially able to prove himself as a tough agent in a terrorist attack on the Kiev Opera, has to learn that bullets by no means always fly in one direction, but also like to find their way back into the gun barrel. «Nothing surprises me anymore!», It is said at some point from the mouth of our main character. However, she is not entirely alone in her fight for humanity: Robert Pattinson (the “Twilight” saga) is her side as a kind of side hero.

Source: dpa

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