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J.Lo and Ben Affleck: Everything about the Bennifer comeback

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of the most legendary couples of the 2000s – it’s only natural that their reunion causes a stir.

We remember: When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston met at an awards ceremony in early 2020, the internet fell collectively into a nostalgic frenzy of joy. Seeing the two of them together after so many years brought back memories of a time when the world still seemed all right. The situation is similar these days with the prospect of a second Bennifer spring.

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Ben and Jen: How it all started

Flashback: The year is 2002. At this point in time, Jennifer Lopez is considered to be one of the most successful pop stars in the world; with “J.Lo” and “The Wedding Planner”, she was the first woman to top the US album and cinema charts the year before. Ben Affleck has just finished Pearl Harbor and enjoys leading actor status in Hollywood. Their paths cross on the set of “Gigli”.

The romantic comedy becomes a flop and goes down in history books as “one of the worst films of all time”, but the headlines are still rolling: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez make their relationship public. Bennifer is born – and with it the trend to name celebrity couples with suitcase words from their first names.

Getty Images / James Devaney / Contributor

In the same year, the two announced their engagement, the great media interest in the relationship between the two is discussed in the video for Jennifer Lopez’s song “Jenny from the Block”, Ben Affleck can be seen in a guest appearance. J.Lo dedicates her subsequent album “This Is Me … Then” entirely to her fiancé. Among other things to find on it: A song called “Dear Ben”.

The big Bennifer wedding is scheduled to take place in September 2003, but it will be postponed only a few days before the planned date. The reason given by the two of them is the immense pressure placed on them by the siege of the paparazzi. In January 2004 they announce their separation – the end of an era.

Now, 17 years later, a love comeback seems to be on the agenda: Just a short time after breaking off their engagement to Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are spotted in a car in Los Angeles. According to “TMZ”, Ben is said to have already sent his ex-girlfriends emails full of compliments.

A short time later they are photographed together again in a car, this time in Montana, where Affleck is said to own a ski hut. When photos then also appear showing the two of them holding hands as they exit an airplane, the matter seems clear: Bennifer is back.

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As an anonymous source told People, it is said to be a real whirlwind reunion: “Jennifer spent a few days with him out of town. They have a strong connection. It was all very quick and intense, but Jennifer is happy.”

However, Alex Rodriguez should not be particularly happy about the news. It wasn’t until April that he and Jennifer Lopez announced their split after four years of relationship and two years of engagement. As “E! News” claims to have found out, A-Rod is said to be completely amazed at the possible Bennifer renaissance. “He’s shocked that J.Lo is already over it. He really thought they’d make it and find each other again.”

J.Lo: Instagram reference to love comeback?

Jennifer Lopez seems unimpressed: Just recently, she shared several inspiring quotes about love in her Instagram story. Among other things, a sentence by the author Willa Cather: “Where there is great love, there are always miracles.” A reference to an unexpected revival?

However, fans believe that the final proof of Bennifer’s return can be seen in another Instagram post: Just recently, Jennifer Lopez wrote a compilation of several music videos that although all of her studio albums are special for her, there is one album that is her favorite be: “This Is Me … Then”.

A fan says in the comment column what everyone thinks: “But isn’t this album about … Ben?” So it remains exciting – so far there have been no official statements from the two of them.

Secret kisses on the set

In the meantime, the two no longer seem to want to make a secret of their new romance: As “Page Six” claims to have found out, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were recently spotted kissing in a gym in Miami. “They didn’t try to hide their relationship at all,” it says. “It was clear to everyone that the chemistry between them was just right and that they were having fun together.”

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