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Hugh Jackman: Result “ambiguous” – renewed skin cancer biopsy necessary

The Australian actor Hugh Jackman (52) has already had to be treated for skin cancer six times. He was last able to give the all-clear in March 2017. Back then, he said on the US show “Live With Kelly”: “Everything is fine. It’s basal cell carcinoma, it is skin cancer, but the least dangerous form of it. It is just something that I, as someone, who grew up in Australia with British parents, needs treatment. It’s the new normal for me. ” Now the actor is getting his fans excited again. The “new normal” has caught up with him, announced Hugh Jackman on Twitter.

In the short video clip from August 2nd, the actor can be seen with a plaster on his nose and announces that he has just visited his dermatologist, who discovered something unusual and therefore did a biopsy.

Update, August 9th

Hugh Jackman reports the result of the biopsy

On Sunday evening (August 8th) Hugh Jackman contacted his fans again to inform them of the result of the skin cancer biopsy. However, he still had no good news. The doctors had apparently examined “not enough” cells, the result of the biopsy was “ambiguous”. Now the actor has to undergo another biopsy. Since he is about to start filming, the decision was made not to go deeper into the layers of the skin than absolutely necessary. It turned out to be a mistake. Hugh Jackmann said the doctors were not concerned about the result. “If there is anything, it is basal cell carcinoma that is not dangerous, but that has to be treated,” said the 52-year-old optimistically.

3rd August

Skin cancer biopsy: Hugh Jackman appeals to his fans

“Thank you for your concern,” the actor turned directly to his fans afterwards and continued, “I’ll let you know what happens next. But I assume that everything is fine.”

Hugh Jackman also connects his hopeful statement with a warning and directs a dramatic appeal to his followers. “Please do frequent skin exams. Please don’t think it can’t happen to you and, most importantly, please use sunscreen.”

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