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How 2 Siblings Earn over $ 30,000 a Month

Bitcoin mining. (Image: Cryptographer / Shutterstock)

Nine-year-old Aanya Raj and her 14-year-old brother Ishaan from Frisco, Texas, are real mining professionals. They make a fortune with their self-developed rigs.

Aanya and Ishaan have professionalized over the summer vacation. With their constantly optimized mining rigs, they have now moved to a professional data center in downtown Dallas after first their parents’ house and then the family garage became too small for them. The move cost the summer vacation.

The garage is now only used to develop and test new mining hardware, which the nine-year-old and her brother love to work on. That’s what the clever kids told CNBC. The siblings now earn around $ 30,000 a month from mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ravencoin. According to the company, the corresponding electricity bill is just under $ 3,000. The crypto kids rely purely on renewable energies.

Father gives start-up capital, the goal is to finance studies

The start was made possible by the father of the two mining enthusiasts. He had taken out loans and helped his children start businesses. The siblings want to have achieved their first success with converting a game console into a mining device. The two claim to have mined cryptocurrencies worth three dollars a day. They liked that and decided to use more and more processor power to mine more and more crypto-coins. They reinvested their first profits in “Antminers and Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards”.

The siblings’ incentive is to be able to finance one medical degree from the profits. Now they have to find a way to balance the school’s stresses with those of their joint mining company, which is set to grow. For September, the kids are already expecting a record $ 36,000.

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