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Get ready! The Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt in the new trailer

+++ Update from June 15, 2021: A new German trailer too Amazons The Tomorrow War has arrived, after all, the start of the streamer on July 2nd is not far away.

“The Tomorrow War” Trailer 2 (German)

++ Update from May 26th, 2021: As promised, the trailer is closed Amazons Sci-Fi Actioner The Tomorrow War, have fun with it! Also in German:

“The Tomorrow War” Trailer 1 (German)

“The Tomorrow War” Trailer 1

A new poster is now also available, but which is similar to previous banners – and comes with a square look. You can find it attached at the bottom. The global stream start of The Tomorrow War is by 2nd July – As is well known, one of the films that was supposed to come to the cinema, but has now been transferred to streaming.

It will also be interesting to see when the fixed one MGM-Takeover of Amazon is implemented in time and Prime customers can look forward to even more content from their film library – and everything in turn will continue to be next to that Bond– and Rocky-Franchise will end up in the cinema.

++ News from May 26th, 2021: With the approaching June, July is not far away either, time to be up The Tomorrow War to draw attention to the sci-fi actioner from Amazon with Chris Pratt! A new trailer is almost here As a warm-up there are a few motion posters and a cast videoin which not only Pratt has a say. After all, stars like Yvonne Strahovski and JK Simmons around him.

Towards the motion posters The Tomorrow War can be seen below next to Pratt and Strahovski Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge, Seychelle Gabriel and Keith Powers, at Twitter In the film account you can find a few more stars with their motion posters.

In The Tomorrow War Time travelers from the year 2051 arrive in our time and convey an important message: 30 years in the future, the earth is on the verge of losing a war against a deadly alien species. But there is hope of survival!

Survival combat against dangerous aliens is always possible. Actually Paramount Pictures-Film has turned Amazon Let it cost $ 200 million, we’re excited! At the 2nd July goes The Tomorrow War at Amazon Prime on-line.




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