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Fifth wedding: Nicolas Cage marries a Japanese woman – Panorama

Elena Tsagrinou, 26, singer and this year’s Eurovision Song Contest participant from Cyprus, angered Orthodox Christians in their country. Dozens of demonstrators gathered in front of the state broadcaster RIK in Nicosia over the weekend to protest against Tsagrinou’s song “El Diablo”. Previously, there should have been a telephone bomb threat against the station, report the Cypriot media. The Cypriot Orthodox Church has asked the state government to withdraw the song. The rather harmless little song is about a woman who wants to break away from a toxic relationship with a man. The RIK and the government are sticking to Tsagrinou’s appearance at the ESC from May 18th to 22nd in Rotterdam.

FILE: Nicolas Cage Is Married To Riko Shibata 'Joe' Photocall At The 39th Deauville Film Festival
(Photo: Francois Durand / Getty Images)

Nicolas Cage, 57, US actor (“Leaving Las Vegas”), has married for the fifth time. Cage met his girlfriend on February 16 in Las Vegas Riko Shibata, 26, said yes during a Catholic Shinto ceremony, reports that People-Magazine. The bride, about whom little is known, wore a handmade Japanese wedding kimono, while Cage appeared in a tuxedo. The couple is said to have met in Japan more than a year ago. The Hollywood star was already married to actress Patricia Arquette, singer Lisa Marie Presley, restaurant worker Alice Kim and makeup artist Erika Koike.

Commonwealth Day 2021
(Photo: WPA Pool / Getty images)

Elizabeth II, 94, Queen of England, is unimpressed. She is not interested in the conversation between her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan and US presenter Oprah Winfrey, reports the Sunday Times. While on the one hand nameless palace employees are threatening to “return the favor with new revelations about the couple’s behavior”, the Queen is currently particularly interested in the opening of schools, the progress of the vaccination measures and the current state of her husband Prince Philip, 99, who has been treated in the hospital for two weeks.

Party leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow (Die Linke) at the press conference to introduce the new chairman of the
(Photo: imago images)

Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, 43, the new left boss, was annoyed about the ZDF “heute show”. In a photo montage shown on the show, Hennig-Wellsow and her colleague Janine Wissler could be seen snuggling up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is posing like James Bond, in light clothes. Hennig-Wellsow tweeted: “hm … @heuteshow, do we have to talk? (Apart from the fact that I find Putin unattractive.) Satire is always allowed, but two women who lead a party are half-naked bond girls Labeling is a ‘special’ contribution to # frauentag2021, isn’t it? “

Irish President shows his new dog
(Photo: Tony Maxwell / dpa)

Michael D. Higgins, 79, Irish President, hails dogs as a “source of wisdom” and “icebreaker” for political talks. As the Irish Times reported, Higgins was now with his newest companion, a five-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog named “Misneach” (Irish for: courage, on the photo on the right). Higgins likes to take his dogs to meetings with leaders.



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