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Eyebrows like Chris Hemsworth: 3 tips for a natural but well-groomed look

Chris Hemsworth: 3 tips for beautiful eyebrows

Should you pluck your eyebrows? Necessarily! Because unkempt eyebrows ruin your entire grooming look – even a well-styled hairstyle that fits your face shape perfectly or a close shave cannot change anything. Nevertheless, the eyebrows are still often neglected (or simply ignored) in the grooming routine. Here we explain how you can achieve a natural but well-groomed brow look modeled on Chris Hemsworth with minimal effort. (Read Here: How To Trim Your Eyebrows Properly)

Chris Hemsworth shows what a natural but well-groomed eyebrow look looks like

Very few are blessed with perfect eyebrows. So if you believe that plucking or trimming eyebrows is not a man’s issue, you should take a closer look at your brows … We are sure that you will find countless stray hairs or hair that is far too long.

What should eyebrows look like on men? Chris Hemsworth is currently showing particularly impressively how a natural but well-groomed brow look works. Here we explain how you can shape your eyebrows quickly, easily and with just a few grooming tools. (Also interesting: plucking eyebrows – this is how it looks good)

3 tips for beautiful eyebrows

Tip # 1: pluck stray hairs

All you need to prevent a monobrow and get rid of stray hairs are tweezers and a magnifying mirror. This Auxmir model even comes with an integrated light, which makes plucking even easier.

How best to pluck eyebrows? First, focus on the hair furthest from the eyebrows, as well as any hair between the eyebrows, and then slowly work your way towards the brow – until you have created a natural but well-groomed look that you are comfortable with. You should definitely pay attention to symmetry.

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Tip # 2: trim brows that are too long

To avoid unsightly holes, eyebrows that are too long should not simply be plucked, but carefully trimmed to the right length. To do this, first comb your brows against the grain with a brush provided for this purpose (available in every drugstore for around two euros). In this way, particularly long hairs become visible, which you can carefully shorten with rounded scissors (also works with beard scissors). The shape remains unchanged, but your eyebrows look better cared for.

Tip # 3: perfect the eyebrow look

This tip is for real grooming enthusiasts. After we have already created the basic requirements for a well-groomed look, the fine-tuning now follows. For perfectly curved eyebrows, make brushing part of your morning routine. It is best to lightly moisten the brush beforehand. You can easily hide bald spots with an eyebrow pencil in the right shade.

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