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Emily Blunt: Don’t be pretty and funny for the guy

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Just don’t be pretty and funny for the guy

At most her dress is flowery: Emily Blunt prefers to speak plain text At most her dress is flowery: Emily Blunt prefers to speak plain text

At most her dress is flowery: Emily Blunt likes to speak plain language

Source: picture alliance / dpa

Actress Emily Blunt lives up to her last name. Blunt means bluntly – and that’s exactly how she talked about British alcohol consumption, Trump and women’s rights.

B.lunt, that means bluntly in English, also impolite. That goes pretty well with actress Emily Blunt, 33. In interviews, she likes to say things like: “I smell terrible of onions, I just cooked at home.” a woman is said to be a drunkard, a man is said to be a party animal. “

In another interview, the Londoner pointed out the differences between the United States and the British: “Alcohol is part of our DNA”. It is pretty normal in Britain to stumble through the club from time to time.

In New York City, Blunt has just bought an old townhouse in Brooklyn with her husband, actor and screenwriter John Krasinski, 36, for six million dollars. The two have two daughters, Hazel, 2, and Violet, who was born in June – while her mother played a woman on the set of “The Girl on the Train” who cannot have children: “Ironically, isn’t it?” says Blunt.

However, she has not only made friends with her direct nature: last year she took on both British and US citizenship – after, as she joked, she had learned in the preparatory course “that one must neither be a notorious drinker nor in a guerrilla group still a whore, which is a shame. ”

Shortly afterwards, she told Hollywoodreporter magazine that she regretted the decision after seeing a discussion with Donald Trump, 70: “I thought: What have I done?”

But apparently not everyone can criticize the Republican presidential candidate: After a storm of indignation in many US media, she had to apologize for her verdict. In addition, she had also told a British newspaper that she did not take American citizenship out of patriotism, but mainly to save taxes: “I didn’t want to deny my Queen!”

But, as Emily Blunt also said: “Likeable”, lovable, is anyway “the damn word I like least.” Because: “What does that mean? To be pretty and funny for the guy, and he can be the total bullshit? “And besides, Emily Blunt propagates that again and again:” Every woman has the right to screw up. “

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