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Crypto Millionaire: Dealer Receives 33 Bitcoin Back After Completing His Sentence | 04.09.21

During the criminal trial of a drug dealer, 36 bitcoins made with illegal money are confiscated. Nevertheless, after the end of the sentence, the convicted person is entitled to 33 Bitcoin. This is due to a formal mistake.

• Drug Dealer Earns 36 Bitcoin from Online Drug Trafficking
• Bitcoins will not be sold after the criminal trial
• After the end of the prison sentence, the drug dealer is entitled to 33 Bitcoin

36 Bitcoin is earned by a Swedish drug dealer online

About two years ago, as reported by t3n, a Swede was sentenced to prison for illegal drug trafficking. The drug dealer had previously paid 36 Bitcoin from the income from his illegal business. As is customary in such cases, the money earned was confiscated.

Bitcoin will not be sold after the conviction

What was not common in the case, however, was the type of money. The 36 bitcoins were worth $ 3,000 each at the time of the conviction, according to t3n. Accordingly, the case was about $ 100,000. However, the seized 36 Bitcoin were not sold after the criminal proceedings were over. Instead, the wallet was frozen and the value of the bitcoin has meanwhile increased to $ 50,000 per bitcoin.

Swedish court has to reimburse the drug dealer 33 Bitcoin

Due to a formal error, the Swedish court is now obliged to reimburse the drug dealer 33 Bitcoin after completing his two-year prison sentence. Prosecutor Tove Kullberg, who was responsible for this case, did not weigh the confiscated amount in bitcoins, but in their then monetary value of 100,000 US dollars. Accordingly, 3 Bitcoin are now sufficient to offset the drug dealer’s debts. The remaining 33 Bitcoin must be paid out to him. After serving his sentence, the drug trafficker leaves prison with $ 1.6 million. The prosecutor admitted the mistake in a radio interview, as reported by the star. It was one of the first cases involving cryptocurrencies. The lesson everyone should learn from this is that prosecutors should invest more in training on crypto.

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