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Celebrities of the week: Meryl Streep suddenly has stage fright – Panorama

Missing words

“Totally alone” she spent her quarantine, said the US actress Meryl Streep, 71, in conversation with talk show host Stephen Colbert. So far, so completely normal, the Oscar winner suffered the same fate as probably millions of other single people around the world. But afterwards they also have a more normal job or sit in a more normal home office in times of pandemic.

Meryl Streep on the start of shooting after quarantine

Suffering from sudden stage fright: Meryl Streep.

(Photo: Chris Young / dpa)

Streep got a different job: Immediately after the end of her quarantine, she started shooting her new film – “and my first scene was walking into a stadium full of 20,000 people as president, my big face on the big screen in front of me” she continued. In this fictional, but nevertheless quite contrary situation to her previous lonely environment, she was “totally nuts”. Consequence: “I was so bad.” She forgot how to act in isolation. “I couldn’t remember anything.”

Lack of sewing talent

TV presenter Günther Jauch, 64, however, has fond memories even in times of pandemics. Or rather in his case: bad memories. Not in terms of his core competence, moderation, but in terms of his other skills.

RTL annual review ´People, Pictures, Emotions 2020"

Suffers from a lack of fine motor skills: Günther Jauch

(Photo: Henning Kaiser / dpa)

Even in elementary school he got a five, he said on his RTL show “2020! People, pictures, emotions!”. However, neither in math nor in German, not even in acting or moderating, but in a less important subject. In the third grade there was a “deficient” needlework for Jauch.

Lack of variety

By contrast, he has better memories of his younger days Angus Young, 65, Scottish-Australian guitarist for the hard rock band AC / DC. “I’m exactly the same guy as I was before. I listen to the same records as when I was young, I love the same bands,” said the musician, who always appears in short school uniforms playboy. It was not clarified whether he could handle needles as untalented as Jauch. Young remained more general: “My thoughts, beliefs and preferences are very consistent.”

AC / DC cult guitarist Angus Young: We don't need ballads

Enjoy its persistence: Angus Young.

(Photo: Jan Woitas / dpa)

Every now and then, however, he consciously takes himself back to the time of his youth. “As a teenager you don’t worry about so many things, at least we didn’t. You don’t have to think a lot. You are wonderfully free.”

Lack of variety II

In your youth you are not quite as free as the example of the US actress Reese Witherspoon, 44, shows. She forced her daughter to look like a partner. Witherspoon shared a photo of himself and daughter Ava Phillippe, 21, on Twitter, in which they are both wearing Christmas sweaters with the same motif but in different colors, Witherspoon in red and Phillippe in white. “Okay. It’s 100 percent true that I had to beg her for a matching Christmas sweater … But isn’t that cute?!?!”, Witherspoon wrote. The Christmas cups in their hands and especially their dimples are identical.

But, don’t worry, the forced Christmas look doesn’t leave a bad mood in the Witherspoon house just before the holidays. Ava Phillippe wrote back, “Hehe, I love you.”

The main thing is that there is no lack of feeling for the ball

Melania Trump, 50, has achieved something that her husband, the outgoing US President Donald, is unlikely to be able to do: leaving behind something useful for future generations.

Melania Trump

Leaves a tennis pavilion: Melania Trump.

(Photo: Patrick Semansky / AP)

Because when the Trumps will soon have left the White House, they will not only be able to govern properly – but also properly sliced, returned and smacked. Melania Trump announced that there is now a tennis pavilion on the southern part of the property. The construction was financed by donations. And she hopes that this private space will serve as a place of relaxation and gathering for future presidential families.



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