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Cannibalism? Armie Hammer licked Julia Roberts

Again bizarre statements from Armie Hammer (34) surfaced! The actor is currently under heavy fire: He is accused by numerous ex-lovers of having expressed cannibalistic fantasies during their relationships. The “Call Me By Your Name” star allegedly even drank the blood of a partner. Although denied Armie any accusations – his statements, which he made in 2012 about the skin of an actress, get a completely new taste against the background …

At that time, the now 34-year-old made the fairy tale film “Mirror Mirror” with Hollywood star Julia Roberts (53) – and got pretty close to her in the process. In one scene, as Prince Andreas, he licks the neck of Queen Ravenna, played by Julia, away. For Armie apparently an unforgettable event! “I got five or six good samples. She smelled like apple and cinnamon, oh man …”, he languished in an interview with the OK magazine. During the licking, the father of two told himself not to let drool run out of his mouth, he said.

This year the two stars should have stood together in front of the camera again. For a TV series about the Watergate affair both were Julia as well as Armie booked. The latter dropped the role offer in the wake of the scandal. The former Hollywood favorite is also loud from a film with Jennifer Lopez (51) The Hollywood Reporter already got out.

Armie Hammer, actor
Julia Roberts at the “Duplicity” premiere in London in March 2009
Jennifer Lopez in Washington DC in January 2021

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