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Bloody pictures: Tom Hanks’ son attacked by ex with pot

There are dramatic pictures that are currently making the rounds of Chet Hanks (30) and his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker in the US media! The former couple is currently in a heated legal battle. The son of Hollywood star Tom Hanks (64) and his former partner accuse each other of having become violent in the relationship. Now a video has surfaced that Chet covered in blood and showing Kiana armed with a top!

TMZ recently published a video in which the apparently last physical altercation between the former couple was recorded. The fight is said to have happened at the beginning of January when Chet confronted his ex about stealing money from him. The American himself holds the camera during the dispute: You can see how a Kiana armed with a small saucepan approaches her friend and strikes back. Her ex previously claims to have been threatened with a knife by her. However, nothing of this can be seen in the recording. Shortly afterwards, the Hollywood scandal son turns the camera towards him – blood runs down his face. Apparently something hit him in the head – according to Chet, the knife in question. The parties repeatedly throw each other at the head of being “attacked” or “pushed” by the other. It’s one word against the other.

This incident is said to have been just one of many in which the couple got grumpy. Chet is said to have already reported his ex for assault. As Page Six reports, Kiana has also filed a lawsuit and also obtained a ban on contact. Got in a previous incident Chet she threatened to “blow her brain off”. As a result, his gun license has now been officially withdrawn. Like her lawyer TMZ explained, Kiana is currently under medical care and is even considering it, his famous parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, 64, asking for help. Chets Lawyer, however, vehemently rejects the allegations against his client.

Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks
Chet Hanks
Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks

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