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Billie Eilish gets upset about her large breasts>entertainment>

September 03, 2021 – 11:57 am clock

In the middle of the conversation, Billie Eilish suddenly bobs

“Do you know that too?” Asks Billie Eilish playfully annoyed in her current Instagram story and shows impressively that large breasts like hers can develop a penetrating life of their own in emotional conversations. What the 19-year-old doesn’t find that great, because when her breasts wobble, she loses the thread. Billie’s funny solidarity contribution for all women with large busts, we show in the video.

Billie doesn’t want to be reduced to her body

Both Billie’s breasts and the rest of her curves have mostly been hidden under her typical baggy clothes in recent years. Because the music mega-star thinks that her body is nobody’s business out there and she doesn’t want to be reduced to her appearance either.

It was all the more surprising for her fans when the freshly bleached Billie suddenly appeared in corsage and suspenders on the cover of British “Vogue” in May 2021. What seems to be a contradiction wasn’t for Billie. In an interview with the fashion bible, she said at the time: “I love these pictures and I loved doing this shoot. Do whatever you want, whenever you want. Fuck everything else.” They will no longer allow anyone to rule over them.

Bodyshamers don’t stand a chance with Billie – and with that she gives courage to many of her (female) fans. If someone makes their breasts a topic, it’s only Billie herself. And totally unpretentious and wonderfully ironic. (csp)

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