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As many children as possible

Pratt said when asked if the couple were planning more offspring, “I’d love to have more, as many as the man up there is going to provide. We’ll do it. I’ll probably have to talk to Katherine about it, though.” my plan is that we do it. ” The 42-year-old admitted that having a second child gave him a better understanding of all phases of “growth and development”. In conversation with ‘E! He told News’ ‘Daily Pop’, “It’s really nice. I think having a second child really highlights what was unique about your first child because when you have a child you take all of their growth and theirs Take development for granted. You just assume that all children are like that. ”

The ‘Tomorrow War’ star said being a girl dad means there are a lot more cuddles in the Pratt household now. About how he got used to having a daughter, he said: “I may react a little differently. […] The big common denominator is simply this insatiable need to be close to them, to be with them, to protect and love them. It is the best.”

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