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After a trip to Ben Affleck: J.Lo mega-trained in the gym


Jennifer Lopez (51) lets her abdominal muscles play again! Almost a month after the singer’s engagement to Alex Rodriguez (45) broke off, she is said to be back with her former partner Ben Affleck (48). The “Jenny from the Block” interpreter was even in Los Angeles recently – allegedly around in Ben To be close. Now the beauty is back on the east coast in Miami, but apparently, she didn’t feel like resting from her excursion: Jennifer promptly started her tight sports program again!

Paparazzi photographed the musician in her color-coordinated sports outfit in Miami, Florida. J.Lo On the pics she wears fitness leggings with a rose motif and a matching red sports top, and in her hand she has a water bottle in the same color. The mother grins completely relaxed into the camera lens while she presents her tight abdominal muscles to the photographer. Proves at the age of 51 J.Lo: She is still the absolute fitness queen!

Even during her trip to Los Angeles too Ben The world star is said to have played sports together with her ex-boyfriend when they went on a trip to Montana. Since then, the two have been in daily contact with each other, a source revealed People. “It’s a difficult situation as they live so far apart but want to make things work”the insider gave a relationship update from J.Lo and Ben.


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