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Why Anne Hathaway wanted to go without alcohol for 18 years

“Was it then for me for good?”
Why Anne Hathaway wants to stop drinking for the next 18 years

Anne Hathaway - Alcohol Disclaimer

US actress Anne Hathaway

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According to her own information, Anne Hathaway has not drunk any alcohol since October 2018, and another 18 years are to follow. Why the US actress decided to do so, she told on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show.

What a mother doesn’t do for her child: Oscar winner Anne Hathaway (32, “Bride Wars”) said on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show that she wouldn’t touch a drop of alcohol anymore. For the benefit of their son Jonathan Rosebanks, who will be three years old in March. “I won’t drink for 18 years as long as my son lives in my house,” said the actress. In October 2018, she and colleague Matthew McConaughey, 43, would have approved alcohol at a rum tasting. The day after, however, she had a bad hangover, which made her think.

Her son is now at an age in which he “really needs around the clock”, especially in the morning hours. Hathaway also told of another escapade, who admitted that she had been quite critical of her alcohol consumption herself for a long time.

Anne Hathaway brought her tomcat son to daycare

One day she took her son to the day care center. Although she did not drive herself, she had a bad hangover: “That was it for me for good.” For the host of the talk show, by the way, another reason why she doesn’t want children herself. “I don’t stop drinking,” DeGeneres said with a wink.

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