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Vin Diesel: For Paul Walker’s daughter he is “family”

Vin Diesel
For Paul Walker’s daughter he is “family”

Vin Diesel returns soon with a new part of the "Fast & Furious"-Rank back.

Vin Diesel is back soon with a new installment in the “Fast & Furious” series.

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Before Paul Walker’s death, the actor and colleague Vin Diesel were considered close friends. He is “family” to Walker’s daughter.

In November, it was eight years since US actor Paul Walker (1973-2013) was killed in a car accident. Walker had a close friendship with his “Fast & Furious” colleague Vin Diesel (53). Diesel and his daughter Hania (13) now have more than just a friendship with Walker’s daughter Meadow (22). The model shared a black and white picture on Instagram showing the trio. In addition, the 22-year-old posted a little heart emoticon and just one word that describes their relationship: “Family”.

A special relationship

Diesel also replied to the picture with a few but telling words: “Pure love, always …” Meadow Walker has already shown several times how deeply connected Meadow Walker feels with Vin Diesel and his children. In August 2019, she published, among other things, a joint picture with Hania, in which she hugs them. “With my angel,” she commented on the post. Diesel, in turn, who has little son Vincent (11) in addition to Hania, honored the deceased in a special way a few years ago. He named his youngest daughter, Pauline (6), after his friend.

Maedow Walker and Diesel regularly remind of Paul Walker on their accounts. On November 30, the anniversary of the actor’s death, Diesel published a joint picture and stated that no day goes by on which he does not think of Walker. The model recently posted some childhood pictures showing her with her father. “Miss you,” she wrote.


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