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Solana rise remains unchecked – Bitcoin is slipping again

The crypto market experienced a significant upswing on Thursday (Trending Topics reported). On Friday (September 3rd), on the other hand, there were some corrections in the top currencies. Bitcoin has recorded a minus of two percent in the past 24 hours and has thus slipped back below the $ 50,000 mark and the EUR 42,000 mark. The capitalization is 783 billion euros. In contrast, the newcomer Solana continues to ride the wave of success and has achieved a full plus of 25 percent.

Cardano achieved a significant plus, BTC over 50,000 dollars

Solana is the cryptocurrency of the hour. In the meantime, it has even overtaken the Dogecoin meme currency in terms of capitalization. With a plus of 20 percent, Solana is now worth over 120 euros. In the past seven days, that means an increase of 72 percent. Here the capitalization is now over 34 billion euros. With Dogecoin it is 32 billion euros. The meme currency is down four percent to about 25 cents.

The Solana chart for the past 24 hours.  © CoinMarketCap
The Solana chart for the past 24 hours. © CoinMarketCap

At Cardano there is a correction of five percent after a significant increase on Thursday. The value is 2.50 euros with a capitalization of just under 80 billion euros. However, compared to a week ago, the currency is still up by almost twelve percent. Ethereum meanwhile remains stable at the value of 3,190 euros with a capitalization of 375 billion euros. Capitalization continues to rise on the overall market. On Thursday it was 1.86 trillion euros, on Friday it was 1.88 trillion euros.

Top stories

El Salvador: Majority of the population skeptical about Bitcoin law

On Tuesday, September 7th, the law in El Salvador that makes Bitcoin an official currency will come into force. While the government is promoting this as an important measure to stimulate the economy, the population is not entirely convinced. According to Cointelegraph, a representative survey by the Central American University showed that 70 percent are more likely to be against the law. 45 percent believe that this will worsen the country’s economic situation. However, 90 percent also admit that they have little or no understanding of Bitcoin. So it remains to be seen whether the cryptocurrency can convince the population in practice.

Dogecoin-NFT is now worth $ 302 million

This week, the investment collective PleasrDAO put the NFT of the Doge meme, on which the cryptocurrency Dogecoin is based, up for auction in around 17 billion pieces. According to Decrypt, they have already sold 20 percent on the decentralized exchanges SushiSwap and Uniswap. One token – sold as $ DOG – is worth $ 0.013. That puts the valuation of the entire NFT at a whopping $ 302 million. For comparison: PleasrDAO bought the digital token at an auction in June for only four million dollars.

Vast Bank becomes the first chartered US bank to offer Bitcoin service

Vast Bank, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is now the first US bank with a Federal Reserve charter to offer bitcoin services, according to Bitcoin Magazine. From now on, customers can buy and sell Bitcoin directly from a checking account insured by the US deposit insurance fund, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The bank promises to be the “best and safest place” to do bitcoin transactions.

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