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Sex commentary on Sofia Vergara: Criticism of Gordon Ramsay

This appearance causes foreign shame! British chef Gordon Ramsay (52) likes to speak out directly what he thinks. He has proven this often enough in his TV show Hell’s Kitchen, in which he makes fun of his chef candidates without hesitation. His sayings often went viral and his fans mostly stand by him. But even they criticize Gordon now for lewd sex comments that he dropped against actress Sofia Vergara (46).

What the now 52-year-old is accused of happened in 2010 in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (68). There the Brit and the Modern Family star met – and Gordon seemed to have completely forgotten his manners at the sight of Sofia’s hot curves. In the show, she plays a tantrum à la Gloria, her series character. Sofia then explains: “I never scream like that in real life.” Keyword for Gordon: “Except in bed.” And this lewd joke is just the beginning. Again and again he makes clear remarks in the direction of the actress and even gives her a pat on the thigh during the program. “Don’t touch it!”, Sofia laughs. The show was a long time ago, but it has now come back on – and many YouTube users are shocked.

“She is clearly uncomfortable with all the sexual harassment,” is just one comment. Another explains: “As a Gordon-Ramsay fan it was hard to see … I’m very disappointed in him. “

Gordon Ramsay, cook
Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb in Washington in May 2014
The “Modern Family” cast at the ABC Walt Disney Television Upfront Presentation



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