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Screenwriter explains why Emily Blunt is not in the “Sicario” sequel!

Many people rubbed their eyes in amazement when it became known that Lionsgate was planning one or more sequels to Denis Villeneuve’s thriller drama “Sicario”. The film about a young FBI agent (Emily Blunt), released in October 2015, who finds herself completely unprepared in the middle of the hard drug war on the Mexican-American border, grossed just under 85 million US dollars worldwide, but due to the production costs of only 30 million was “Sicario” relatively profitable for Lionsgate. The film was also well received by critics and audiences, and it was nominated for an Oscar in three categories.

Still – nobody expected that there would be a sequel to “Sicario”, let alone spin-offs, which are also already being talked about. Next year, however, the sequel should appear: “Sicario” (in German: “contract killer”) is now followed by “Soldado” (= “soldier”). Denis Villeneuve is leaving his director’s chair for Italian Stefano Sollima (“ACAB – All Cops Are Bastards”), while Benicio Del Toro returns as the mysterious Alejandro and Josh Brolin returns as the tough government official Matt Graver in front of the camera. Emily Blunt as FBI agent Kate Mercer is no longer there – why, explains screenwriter Taylor Sheridan, who already wrote the script for the predecessor.

“That was my decision and I have to talk to her about it at some point,” said Sheridan in an interview with “The Wrap”. “Her story was over. I didn’t know how to write a character that would live up to her (Emily Blunt’s) talent.”

He also added, “Look at what she’s been through. It was a tough role. I’m writing this main character here and then using her as a proxy for the audience. I make her completely passive against her will, allowing the audience feel the same powerlessness that many law enforcement officers feel. I’ll drag you through hell and betray you in the end. It’s been a grueling journey for the character and for Emily. “

Sheridan went on jokingly, “What are you doing next? She’s moving to some small town, becoming a sheriff there, getting kidnapped and then we have ‘Taken’? I had to tell a story that stayed true to the role, and I didn’t have that Feeling that I could create something with this character that would expand this world in some way and do justice to Emily’s character. ” However, he maintains the hope of Emily Blunt’s return: “At some point there could be room for Kate again.”


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