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Review of the film with Denzel Washington at ProSieben

Denzel Washington is back as Robert McCall and once again brings justice in his own way in “The Equalizer 2”. Can the film, which ProSieben is showing for the first time on free TV, keep up with the very strong first part?


The Equalizer 2

Action • 12/13/2020• 10:30 pm

For a long time it was quiet around the 65-year-old, in 2021 Denzel Washington should finally be back on the screen. In the crime thriller “The Little Things” and the Joel Coen film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” he took on the leading role. Washington was last seen in 2018 in “The Equalizer 2” in the cinema. While part one convinced with an exciting, well-formed story and a first-class leading actor, the sequel, which ProSieben is now showing as a free TV premiere, shines with the usual good Denzel Washington, but remains significantly behind its predecessor. This is mainly due to the rather ordinary story of the action film with a focus on revenge and vigilante justice.

Robert McCall (Washington) no longer works in a hardware store, but earns his living as a Lyft driver. The man, who used to be a member of a special unit, also looks after the people in his neighborhood – and not just as a friendly neighbor from next door. He ensures justice, if necessary with force. McCall’s life runs smoothly until he is catapulted back into his earlier circles from one moment to the next and has to become a tough killer again. Because his former boss and girlfriend Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) was murdered and only he is able to clarify what really happened.


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Before that, Denzel Washington had never let himself be persuaded to continue. But for “The Equalizer” he made an exception and worked again with director Antoine Fuqua. The successful duo had previously made three films together, including “Training Day”, for which the actor received an Oscar in 2002. Also in “The Equalizer 2” you can feel that Fuqua and Washington harmonize and have a feel for the essentials. Often “The Equalizer 2” doesn’t feel like a sequel, but like an independent film. That is definitely positive, but it still raises the question of why it had to be a sequel to the blockbuster at all.

Because part two has a completely different speed. The first film took the time to highlight characters, shape them and create a bond, while Fuqua now focuses more on action. Stories of people in Robert’s life are still told, but rather superficially – the focus is clearly on his revenge on the murderers of his girlfriend. Only his relationship with the young Miles (Ashton Sanders) provides a little depth.

Otherwise, this sequel often looks like a clichéd vigilante flick. The fact that action scenes are lined up close together here may be fun for lovers of fast and brutal scenes, but it quickly annoys those who have been looking forward to the grandiose staging of McCall’s skills, which are used much more sparingly this time.

Instead of using everyday objects as weapons, McCall is now relying more on firepower. That’s a shame, because that’s what made the equalizer stand out. In general, “The Equalizer 2” often feels too hasty and thus loses focus. But that’s exactly what it would have needed in the story with the loosely connected strands. It would have been good for the undoubtedly solid action film not to rely too much on the elements that have already been seen so often and to concentrate more on the success formula of the first part. Why Denzel Washington was persuaded to continue for the first time here remains a mystery.

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