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August 31, 2021 – 9:39 am clock

Benji Madden chooses the sweetest words

You, the flawless Hollywood actress, he, the wild Good Charlotte rocker – Cameron Diaz (49) and Benji Madden (42) are probably the most unusual, but at the same time one of the cutest celebrity dream couples in America. The two guard their private life like a treasure. So it’s no wonder that the world listens especially when they talk about one another. Just in time for Cameron’s 49th birthday, her husband has now shared what is probably the sweetest declaration of love on the net – and the fans are freaking out.

Sweet words of love

“I love to have a reason to scream ‘I love you'” – these are the words that Benji now chooses to prepare a very special public declaration of love for his loved ones. On August 30th, Cameron celebrated her 49th special day – the last before the magic 50 – and just in time for the occasion, the rocker let himself be carried away to make a whole statement.

“Happy birthday to my wife. You are beautiful in every way. We are so happy to have you. What you do, who you are, day in and day out for those you love,” he writes to an abstract painting his Instagram account. Yes, Cameron is really lucky. Also find the fans who comment on the post with a whole bunch of heart emojis.

Late family happiness

Cameron Diaz has not made any films since 2014. It was then that she withdrew from her job to focus on her private life, find the man of her dreams, and raise a family. In fact, just a year later, she married the founder of the rock band Good Charlotte. In 2019 the couple’s first daughter, Raddix (1), was born. Unlike other celebrity couples, Cameron and Benji keep their life together almost entirely out of the public eye. All the nicer to read the sweet birthday wishes now. (cch)



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