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Pet name: what it says about your personality

What your pet’s name says about you

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Whether your dog is called Waldi, Schnuffel or Justin Bieber says a lot about you! Do you recognize yourself here?

Whether you have a dog, a cat or a rabbit at home – the relationship with your pet is sure to be very special. So you must have pondered what your new roommate should be called for a long time. Did you know that your choice says a lot about your character?

Sweet, sweeter, the sweetest!

Schnuffi, Krümel, Sweety or Wuschi … of course: You think your pet is incredibly cute and you want to emphasize this characteristic of him. In general, you melt quickly when someone pays you a dear compliment or when you watch a love story. You have a big heart, you open it to the world and always believe in the good!


Paul, Peter, Benjamin … if you name your animal like a child or a friend, you want to show: I don’t make a distinction between pets and humans. In general, you have a great sense of justice and value respect. Arrogance? Don’t you know at all!

My animal is a VIP!

Your pet listens to Justin Bieber, George Clooney or Michael Jackson? Then you see your secret star in him. You probably also enjoy going to the movies and concerts – and even in your mid-30s there is still a celebrity that you secretly adore. Hand on heart: will your next dog be called Ryan Gosling?

As simple as possible

Kitten, rabbit or doggy? You don’t feel like thinking about names for a long time. You simply name your animal after what it is. A cat, a rabbit or a dog. In general, this is your attitude towards life: why make it unnecessarily complicated? This will take a lot of pressure and everyday stress off your shoulders.

Old fashioned & classic

The dachshund is called Waldi, the cat is Minka. Has always fit and still fits wonderfully today. You like it old-fashioned and stick to traditions. In your favorite restaurant you always choose the same thing and you are also incredibly loyal in your relationship.

It has to be creative

Crazy Bunny, Mr. Flausch or Schokokeks – you are a real creative person. Regardless of whether you choose your pet’s name, at work or in a relationship: You always have good ideas and are an inspiration for those around you. You love to learn new things and you are not afraid of change.

Cartoon heroes

You like to remember your childhood. That’s why you also call your pet Bambi, Tiger, Thumper or Mowgli. When you spend time with your pet, you want your heart to feel just as warm. You are a little dreamer and a real optimist.




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