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Own make-up brand is coming in summer 2020

Imke Schmoll

February 5th, 2020, 11:24 am

Selena Gomez only released her new album “Rare” in January and fans of the musician are already looking forward to another announcement of her idol. Her own make-up brand “Rare Beauty” will go on sale in summer 2020. The aim is for their fans to underline their uniqueness instead of comparing themselves to other people. Is there already a start date in Germany? Find out more here!

“Folks, I worked on this project for two years”: Selena Gomez brings out the cosmetic line “Rare Beauty”

The singer not only recently brought a new album onto the market and achieved great success with it, but also quietly worked diligently on something completely different. Now was allowed to Selena Gomez announce that their own cosmetics line will be released in summer 2020. To a short clip on the creation process of “Rare Beauty” SelGo wrote among other things: “Folks, I’ve been working on this particular project for two years and can officially say that ‘Rare Beauty’ will be launched in Sephora stores in North America this summer!” She couldn’t wait to tell more, added the 27-year-old.

In the teaser for “Rare Beauty”, Selena Gomez describes what she wants to achieve with her beauty products

The video shows how the “Lose You To Love Me” interpreter plans and tests make-up products together with her team. Her song “Rare” is playing in the background, explains the former Disney star: “To be ‘rare’ means to feel good about yourself. I stopped trying to be perfect. I just want to be myself. “ She would like to convey this self-confidence to her fans, as well Selena Gomez continues: “I think ‘Rare Beauty’ can be more than just a beauty brand. We should stop comparing ourselves to one another and start embracing our uniqueness. ‘Rare Beauty’ isn’t about how other people see you, it’s about how you see yourself. ” The singer is comparatively late with her own beauty products, after all Rihanna has been in the business for years, Kylie Jenner made a fortune with make-up and Lady Gaga also started a cosmetics line last year. When are SelGo fans in Germany “Rare Beauty” can get is not yet known.

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