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Nicole Kidman in the Netflix musical “The Prom” – Streaming

Are you sad because you actually went to a musical in the gloomy Corona winter? If so, the musical “The Prom” could lighten your mood a bit. The two GOLDEN CAMERA award winners Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman will sing and dance for you under the direction of Ryan Murphy.

The story behind the Netflix musical “The Prom” (from December 11th) is based on a true story. In 2010, a lesbian student wanted to date her friend to high school prom. The conservative school administration in the small town went by storm and in the end the traditional “prom” celebration was canceled. The case hit the headlines and some celebrities came to the aid of the couple in the scandal.

In 2018, “The Prom” premiered as a musical on Broadway – as in the film, four vain stage stars are in the spotlight, mobilizing against injustice. From New York they make a pilgrimage to rural Indiana to help the lesbian Emma and her friend Alyssa.

With the star power of Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Kerry Washington and James Corden, Ryan Murphy, the creator of hit series such as “Nip / Tuck”, “Glee” and “American Horror Story”, takes us to the – only at first glance – the dazzling world of Broadway stars and the American provinces.

Nicole Kidman plays the long-legged Angie

Oscar winner Meryl Streep transforms herself into the exalted aging Dee Dee Allen with a shrill voice and red wig, the British comedian Corden mimes the professionally ailing stage star Barry Glickman. “Moulin Rouge” star Kidman plays the long-legged Angie who only dances in the second row, the beautiful Trent (Andrew Rannells) has long had to earn a living as a waiter.

The clash of vain, arrogant stars with the backward provincial folk for tolerance and acceptance goes completely wild in “The Prom”. Funny scenes are overloaded with clichés, even the all-rounder Streep gets on her nerves at some point in the brightly colored revue, which lasts over two hours.

The teenagers in love are a relaxing glimpse of the glitter spectacle: Ariana DeBose (“Hamilton”) as Alyssa and the completely unknown leading actress Jo Ellen Pellman as Emma, ​​who maintains her winning power despite hostility and rejection.

GOLDEN CAMERA streaming tip because …

The film is always musky, but especially in times of Corona, the escape into a world with glamor, dance and a conciliatory message may also have its good points.



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