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Netflix tip: In the movie The Gambler, Mark Wahlberg is addicted to gambling – free period

His problem: He doesn’t know when it would be better to stop. Instead of paying his debts with the $ 260,000 his mother gave him to save his life, he squandered the money at the nearest casino. Always take full risk, win, keep playing and lose everything. He has to borrow money again. But the lenders want it back. In seven days. Otherwise he, his mother and his girlfriend Amy are threatened with death. Again Jim counts on everything: He sees only one way out and that is to earn the high sum.

In a nutshell: Another great Mark Wahlberg plays a gambling-addicted literature professor who has several hundred thousand dollars in gambling debts. He takes this immense sum lightly and borrows more and more money from dangerous gangsters. They threaten to kill him and his family. A way out has to be found in order to repay the money in seven days.

Conclusion: Tension, thrills and lots of “It-can’t-be-serious” moments make this film absolutely worth seeing. The highlight: “The Gambler” manages that you really like every character in the film. You’d even like to have a coffee with the gangsters because they’re so wonderfully played.



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