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Marvel figure of the first hour suddenly reported back ·

Most Marvel fans may not have seen her for eleven years, but an MCU figure from the very beginning has now surprisingly celebrated her comeback.

Poster What If ...?  season 1

– Warning: This is followed by spoilers for episode 4 of “Marvel’s What If …?”! –

“Marvel’s What If …?” is currently causing a stir in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and brings back a number of characters after a long break. This is of course because the Disney + series retells familiar events from the MCU with significant changes. So also in episode 4, which changed the history of Doctor Strange decisively – and caused a surprising reunion.

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Because in addition to the usual suspects around Doctor Strange, Dr. Christine Palmer, Wong and the Elder celebrated a comeback figure that almost all Marvel fans have not seen since “Iron Man 2”: Christine Everhart.

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Few people know the last Marvel appearance of Christine Everhart

The journalist, played by Leslie Bibb, made her debut on Iron Man, where she questioned Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) about his immoral dealings before going on a one-night stand with him. In “Iron Man 2” there was a brief reunion with Christine Everhart: She accompanied arms dealer Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) to Monaco because she was supposed to interview him for an article.

The hardcore Marvel fans should have last seen the journalist in 2016. Because then and the year before she had a ten-part small digital news show called “WHIH News Front”, in which Christine Everhart reported on MCU events from “Ant-Man” and “The First Avenger: Civil War”.

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Her position as a news anchor was apparently retained in “Marvel’s What If …?” In it we see Christine Everhart in the same role when she reports on TV about the death of Christine Palmer, who died in a house fire. The news itself was watched by Doctor Strange in a bar after he broke off his date with his girlfriend in an attempt to actually save her life. As with his previous trips back in time, this attempt to prevent her death was in vain.

Christine Everhart on her return in “Marvel’s What If …?”. © Disney

Anyone who watches “Marvel’s What If …?” In the English-language original can also look forward to the return of the original actress Leslie Bibb for the short appearance. She actually insisted on setting the role to music again, making episode 4 the first in the MCU series in which all the original actors * return for the respective parts.

Even if her appearance is easy to miss, it’s nice that the MCU managers obviously haven’t forgotten Christine Everhart. We can therefore be curious whether this figure from the first hour in the classic MCU will also return in phase 4. First of all, you can look forward to episode 5 of “Marvel’s What If …?” September 8, 2021 at Disney + appears and should revolve around Party Thor. We can look forward to this too …

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