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Jennifer Garner: Reaction to the love news from Ben Affleck and J.Lo

The alleged love comeback of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is becoming more and more likely. But what actually says Affleck’s ex Jennifer Garner about the rumors?

The rumor mill has been simmering for days: What’s really going on between Jennifer Lopez, 51, and Ben Affleck, 48?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on vacation together

Just a short time after the engagement of Alex Rodriguez, 45, was broken, Jennifer apparently sought consolation from her ex. Lopez and Affleck were together from 2002 to early 2004, and even wanted to venture to the altar. But that never happened. But they always kept their friendship alive. Is your weekend trip to Montana just a friendship break? The speculation about a love comeback of the two is definitely hardening. Especially after a photo popped up of the two seemingly holding hands on their return to Los Angeles.

But how does “Bennifers” environment react to this alleged reunion? According to “E! News”, Alex Rodriguez should not only be “very shocked”, but above all angry. He had supposedly hoped for a reconciliation with J.Lo. And what about Jennifer Garner, 49? The separation of Garner and Affleck was a few years ago, but the two were married and even have three children together.

Jennifer Garner doesn’t want to be part of the media attention

But unlike Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Garner seems to have completely finished the time together as a couple. She and Ben Affleck get along well after the divorce and take care of the children together, but: “She’s trying to live her life and raise her children, and the last thing she wants to do is get on with Ben’s love life Her focus is always on the happiness of the children and that Ben is a good father. ” Jennifer Garner “in no way wants to be part of the circus’ or the media attention,” reveals an insider to “E! News”.

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