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Hugh Jackman: On skis with Olympic star Lindsey Vonn – entertainment

Hugh Jackman is not only good at acting, he is also great at skiing. Photo: magicinfoto / Shutterstock.com

Hugh Jackman cuts a fine figure on skis. Now he even took on US sports star Lindsey Vonn, as proven by several Instagram posts.

Film fans have known that Hugh Jackman (52) cuts a good figure on skis since his appearance in “Eddie the Eagle – Everything is Possible” (2016). The native Australian could get training lessons from none other than ex-ski racer Lindsey Vonn (36). At least the befriended stars now met for a joint departure, as shown by posts on their respective Instagram accounts.

Celebrity race in Utah

“When world-famous Olympic gold medalist and all-round great person Lindsey Vonn says you should ‘crouch’ … then you ‘crouch’,” Jackman wrote on Friday (March 19) on social media Platform in addition to several photos and videos showing him and the 36-year-old on the ski slope. In one of the short clips, the 52-year-old screen star is currently presenting his slalom skills and is then almost caught up by Vonn at a breathtaking pace. Another shows the two of them laughing together as they descend.

The four-time overall World Cup winner also posted some pictures and videos of her skiing experience with Hugh Jackman on Instagram. They were apparently taken near the Deer Valley Resort in Park City in the US state of Utah – one of the most popular ski resorts in the USA. “The ‘Greatest Showman’ is also a great skier … who would have thought!” Commented Vonn on her snapshots, two of which show her and the actor with friends.

Broadway deposit on the ski slope

In another video that Vonn shared with her followers two hours later, the Australian film star also proves his talent as a musical star. On the slopes he sings the song “One More Day” from the piece “Les Misérables” while another skier plays the violin next to him. “We’re bringing Broadway to the slopes,” commented the American from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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