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Hollywood break brought peace to Cameron Diaz

More than six years have now passed since you could last laugh on screen with the beaming US actress Cameron Diaz (47, “Bad Teacher”). The bright Hollywood beauty celebrated her breakthrough at the side of comedy star Jim Carrey (58, “The Truman Show”) in the comic book adaptation “The Mask” in the early 90s. After that she was one of the best paid actresses in the dream factory for years.

Whether as the powerful “Angel for Charlie” or as the overwhelmed romantic clumsy in “Love Needs No Holidays” – Cameron’s account has been of some of the most successful comedies of recent years. The more fans of the lively actress are still puzzling about what was behind her surprising career retreat.

She discovered her passion for viticulture

With the decision to turn away from Hollywood, she is doing “better than ever before,” Diaz said in a conversation with her fellow actor Gwyneth Paltrow (47, “The Politician”). The decision brought her peace, said the actress, who finally found time to take care of herself. “It’s so intense to work at this level and to live so publicly,” Diaz explains in a video interview. In places she even felt at the mercy of industry. “I just decided that I want other things in life.”

She is likely to have found her fulfillment by now in her private life, far away from the flashes of lightning, filming and red carpets. Since 2015 she has been married to the “Good Charlotte” singer Benji Madden. Daughter Raddix has been crowning the celebrity couple’s family happiness since December 2019. Despite her regained balance, Diaz does not rule out a Hollywood comeback entirely. “I’m not a person who says ‘never’ to anything,” revealed the star, who has since discovered his enthusiasm for viticulture, recently in the YouTube series “Makeup and Friends”.

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