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Gordon Ramsay: Appearance with Sofia Vergara causes discomfort

A resurfaced video of the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno“created a real shit storm around celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay (52). There was excitement on social media about the chef’s behavior towards the actress Sophia Vergara (46), who was also invited to the show.

Made on an episode of the talk show that aired in 2010 Ramsay several ambiguous comments in the direction of Vergara. These prepared the actress visibly Discomfort. The Internet community was “disappointed” with the behavior of the celebrity chef.

Ramsay: Sexual innuendos on the show

“Did I scare you guys?”asked the “Modern Family” actress Ramsay and Leno. In a previous sketch, she had mimicked the celebrity chef and complained loudly about a meal she had been served.

In her interview with Leno the mime then explained: “I never scream like that in real life. It was all an act.” Ramsay touched the actress’s arm and promptly replied: “Only in the bedroom?”. Vergara left this allusion uncommented, but made a grimace. Talkmaster Jay Leno eventually defused the situation. “You would never know”said the moderator to the celebrity chef.



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