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First snapshots with daughter Daisy Dove!


March 04, 2021 – 10:10 am clock

Katy Perry is a casual celebrity mom

So far, megastar Katy Perry has not shown her first baby in public. The singer is currently on vacation with friends and partner Orlando Bloom (44) in Hawaii. Of course, the youngsters are there too. And Katy is really a very casual celebrity mom. The 36-year-old has absolutely no stress with the baby pounds. During the break, Mama Katy presented herself in a bathing suit – and now there are also the first photos with Baby Daisy Dove (6 months). We show the pictures of the relaxed mom-daughter walk in Hawaii in the video

Katy Perry loves her baby pounds

Katy Perry is enjoying her break in Hawaii. She became a mom for the first time in August 2020. Only six weeks after the birth, the singer was back on American TV – as a juror on “American Idol”. However, like so many other prominent mothers, she did not “train away” the baby pounds. Katy Perry is very relaxed about that. After Daisy Dove gave birth, she had already shared the unclouded after-baby body truth with her fans.

And Katy Perry also takes it easy in Hawaii. With a “Mama” cap and in her sports dress, she pushes her little Daisy Dove in front of her in a very relaxed manner in the stroller, as can be seen in the video above.

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