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Did Shakespeare hate his wife? Four rumors about the bard

So why do some people claim that Shakespeare didn’t go to school when it is clear that it is not?

It has to do with the biggest rumor about Shakespeare, which borders almost on a conspiracy theory. People who claim the bard was illiterate usually try to back up a larger argument: that the man we know as Shakespeare was too provincial to have written those famous works.

Rumor 4: Shakespeare didn’t write his plays

“There was absolutely no doubt about Shakespeare’s authorship until, in the 19th century, an American named Delia Bacon decided to propose a different theory,” Orlin says. “She took the view that Sir Francis Bacon wrote the plays – presumably because she shared a last name with him.”

“But since then the whole thing has taken on a life of its own,” she continues. “There are now more than 80 candidates who have been claimed to have written Shakespeare’s plays, including Queen Elizabeth. Virtually everyone from that time you’ve heard of has been thrown into the ring as a potential writer. “

Vintage gallery: school 100 years ago

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