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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Golden Lion of the Architecture Biennale to Berlin

The Berlin architects’ collective Raumlaborberlin was awarded a Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale. The jury awarded the nine men and women the prize in the “Best Participant” category for their installation “Instances of Urban Practice” – in German: “Examples of urban practice”. It refers, among other things, to the floating university at the rainwater collection basin of the former Tempelhof Airport, which the collective created three years ago as an experiment to learn together. According to the Biennale, the project stands for “imaginative urban reclamation”. The architecture biennale in the Italian lagoon city is considered to be the most important presentation of architecture worldwide.

Criticism of the opening of the Berlin clubs

In Berlin, clubs and discos are allowed to reopen for vaccinated and convalescent people. This was decided by the Berlin Senate and implemented a decision by the administrative court. This means that you can probably dance again from Saturday. Nevertheless, there is criticism: For the Berlin Club Commission, for example, the regulation does not go far enough. She would also have liked an option for those who tested PCR. In addition, there are calls that the regulation should also apply to concert halls. The 3G regulation currently applies there, but with a distance and fixed seats.

Representation of Jews one-sided as victims

The President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, has spoken out against a one-sided representation of Jews in school books, for example. The victim role of Jews has solidified, for example as victims of pogroms in the Middle Ages or the Shoah under the National Socialists, said Schuster at an event in Berlin. But what Jews have contributed to intellectual life over the centuries is neglected in school lessons. The Central Council therefore works with the Conference of Ministers of Education and textbook publishers to prevent this and “dubious representations” of Judaism. Schuster recalled that stereotypes are often passed on over generations.

Federal Chancellor receives Buber Rosenzweig Medal

Chancellor Angela Merkel has been presented with the Buber Rosenzweig Medal. This is awarded to personalities or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the Christian-Jewish dialogue. Because of the corona pandemic, the award ceremony took place on a small scale in the Chancellery. The laudation was given by the President of the Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster. He highlighted Merkel’s “steadfastness” in defending Jewish life. The Chancellor herself called for a determined action against racism and anti-Semitism. Against this must be proceeded “with all means and with the full consistency of our constitutional state”. She emphasized Germany’s ongoing responsibility to keep alive the memory of the National Socialist mass murder of European Jews.

Committee report on the removal of Hubertus Knabe

The investigative committee of the Berlin House of Representatives, which was supposed to shed light on the dismissal of the former head of the Stasi victims’ memorial in Hohenschönhausen, Hubertus Knabe, presented its report after 20 meetings. It was checked whether Knabe had not acted decisively enough against sexual harassment of female employees by his deputy. He had always denied it himself. The opposition suspected that the boy had to leave for political reasons. However, the majority of the committee of inquiry sees no evidence that Knabe’s dismissal was politically motivated. Instead, the Knabe report reveals numerous violations of the law. For example, requirements from the State Equal Opportunities Act and the Equal Treatment Act were not met.

Max Stern estate: Düsseldorf apologizes

Düsseldorf’s Lord Mayor Stephan Keller has offered the Canadian estate administrators of the Jewish art dealer Max Stern new talks. At the presentation of the exhibition “Disenfranchised and robbed. The art dealer Max Stern”, the CDU politician apologized for the one-sided cancellation of the show four years ago by his predecessor Thomas Geisel from the SPD. The resulting controversy was “regrettable” and had to be perceived as an affront. After several postponements, the controversial Max Stern exhibition will be shown for the first time in Düsseldorf on Thursday. Geisel justified the rejection with requests for information and restitution. The Canadian Stern experts felt personally and professionally snubbed.

“The three ???” exhibition in Hanover

The Wilhelm-Busch-Museum for Caricature and the Art of Drawing in Hanover deals with the development of the youth book series “The three ???” in an exhibition. The museum announced that the show will be shown from mid-September to mid-January. One focus are drawings by the graphic artist and painter Aiga Rasch, who illustrated more than 100 covers of the series between 1970 and 1999 and created the unmistakable design. “The three ???” stand for the detectives Justus, Peter and Bob, who solve one criminal case after the other. The series is originally from the USA. Since the start in 1968 in Germany, more than 16 million books and 45 million sound carriers have been sold.

Mallwitz becomes chief conductor at the Konzerthaus

Joana Mallwitz becomes chief conductor at the Konzerthaus Berlin. She is the first woman in this position. The 34-year-old will take over the artistic direction of the orchestra in two years for an initial five seasons, announced Konzerthaus and the Berlin cultural administration. In 2014 Mallwitz became Europe’s youngest general music director at the Erfurt Theater, and last year she was the first woman to lead a major cycle of premieres at the Salzburg Festival. In 2019 she was named conductor of the year by the magazine “Opernwelt”. She has been general music director at the State Theater in Nuremberg for three years.

Iron Maiden do without their own aircraft

The heavy metal band Iron Maiden no longer wants to use their own tour jumbo. He had been scrapped since 2016, said singer Bruce Dickinson of the Augsburger Allgemeine. “Because it was damaged, because of the environment – and also because it is impractical to always have an airplane on your cheek,” said the Briton. You don’t need a jumbo to fly from Paris to Zurich. A photo was taken at Zurich Airport in 2016 that showed the comparatively small government plane of Chancellor Angela Merkel next to the Iron Maiden jumbo known as “Ed Force One”. “Damn cool,” said Dickinson. “But now ‘Ed Force One’ is history.” Iron Maiden wanted to do the next tour in the coming year without their own plane.

Israel adopts Corona requirements for the Western Wall

The Corona cabinet in Israel has issued assembly guidelines for the Western Wall in Jerusalem. The reason is the high number of infections and the Jewish New Year celebrations in one week. According to this, a maximum of 8,000 believers are allowed to come together at the same time on the square in front of the Western Wall, which is divided into 18 smaller areas. All persons must wear a mask. Before and on the Jewish New Year celebrations, tens of thousands of religious Jews are expected to pray at the Western Wall. It is located in the old town, is the remains of a Jewish temple that was destroyed by the Romans in 70 and is considered the most important shrine for Jews worldwide.

Duran Duran at the German Radio Prize

The music program for the presentation of the German Radio Prize on Thursday evening in Hamburg has been set: In addition to Revolverheld, Nathan Evans, Johannes Oerding and Wincent Weiss, the musicians of the British group Duran Duran will also be on stage. The radio prize is awarded in ten categories, including best reportage, best comedy, best podcast and best moderation. The prizes are undoped. The prize is being awarded for the twelfth time and is considered the most important award in the radio industry.

Academy Museum honors Sidney Poitier

The new Academy Museum in Los Angeles wants to name its huge entrance hall after the legendary actor Sidney Poitier. It is an “incredible honor” to have Sir Sidney Poitier as the namesake for the lobby, said museum director Bill Kramer, according to a statement. Poitier’s humanitarian merit and groundbreaking artistic creation are an inspiration to everyone.
The farmer’s son, who grew up in the poorest of circumstances in the Bahamas, was the first black man to be named best actor in 1964 for the film “Lilien auf dem Felde”. The opening of the Museum of the Film Academy, which awards the Oscars every year, is scheduled for September 30th. The Academy’s collection, including films, scripts, props and costumes, will be on display over an area of ​​almost 30,000 square meters. Stars like Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand and George Lucas, but also film studios and companies donated millions for the facility.



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