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Camila Cabello: She’s bringing her Prince Shawn Mendes to the “Cinderella” premiere – people

A dream couple like from a fairy tale …

Singer and actress Camila Cabello (24) plays the orphan girl who finds her prince in the new Amazon Prime film “Cinderella” (released on Friday) – in real life she has long since succeeded with Schnuckel singer Shawn Mendes (23). The noble gentleman came with her to the premiere in Miami on Wednesday. To the chagrin of many fans who would also like to be the Canada’s queen of hearts …

Love in the air: Camila Cabello and her dream prince Shawn Mendes

There is love in the air: Camila Cabello and her boyfriend Shawn MendesPhoto: Getty Images

Camila came, all a princess, in a lush tulle skirt. Shawn wore a completely see-through shirt with an XXL neckline. Admittedly, the outfit is more reminiscent of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll than a true royal à la Prince William …

But the lovers don’t have to adhere to any royal etiquette either. Luckily! Because so the two lovers could turtle uninhibited on the red carpet. As if there were no cameras …

There was a lot of flirting here: Shawn Mendes makes his Camila laugh

There was a lot of flirting here: Shawn Mendes makes his Camila laughPhoto: Getty Images

The two got to know each other as part of their duet “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, which was released in 2015. But it officially only sparked in July 2019.

The relationship then became closer in the corona pandemic, as Camila explained on the “Late Show” by James Corden (43). Then, by the way, Camila found out that her gray rider likes to talk about horses in his sleep.

Camila Cabello: “He always talked in his sleep. But it has often happened during the pandemic – because we slept together every night – that I stayed up a little longer than him. Then I sit at my iPad or read. “

Camila remembered one moment very clearly: “I was reading and he just started talking in his sleep. That scared me to death. He said, ‘Baby … that … feels … so … good …’ and then he fell asleep again. “

The prince must have dreamed of his princess very intensely …

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